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No matter how beautiful your wedding saree maybe, a blouse that is not the perfect match for it would ruin its looks. Only when you find the right blouse for your saree would you find that it accentuates the beauty of your saree. Not only should you select a blouse that has the perfect design but also patterns that complement the looks of your saree.

Mango motifs back side of wedding blouse design

This backless blouse with mango motifs with a top (dori) pattern is not only appealing but also highly attractive. You could see not only mango motifs on this low back glass shaped blouse but also other mini designs that accentuate the beauty of this blouse. This blouse is really super cute with the embroidery on both the sides of the blouse. The noodle straps of the blouse would help the blouse fit you very well.

Heavy embroidery bridal blouse back design

A plush silken jacket with rich embroidery makes the blouse stand out from the rest of the blouses. You need not make it a completely traditional blouse but you could wear a short jacket sleeve pattern in order to maintain a royal look. The jacket sleeves are flanked by embroidery that is both lovely as well as appealing. You could have a little more embroidery if you want to add to the appeal of the blouse.


Designer scalloped blouse back side design

The scalloped trim of the blouse makes the blouse not only look beautiful but also highly appealing. This is a really astounding design since you could easily flaunt your back through this backless blouse.


Puff sleeve back blouse design work

Puff sleeves have not only been popular but have also been around for a long time. They look highly adorable on those who wear sarees. Notice how the colour of the puff matches the colour of the saree. The sequins make the blouse look even more beautiful as it matches the design of the saree. Moreover, this blouse will add to your feminine appeal. If you want the blouse to look even more attractive, consider adding some more embroidery to it. If you are looking for a something sweet, sober, and feminine, then this is the blouse to go for.


Back embossed zari work blouse design

The zari that has been embossed in this blouse not only enhances the beauty of the saree you would be wearing but also let you flaunt the beauty of your back. The matka neck saree blouse will not only make you glitter in it but also make you look sexy. There is a knot at the back for tying the blouse so that it would fit you perfectly.


Back side view of blouse with mirror work

This blouse has a lot of mirror work. Its sleeves are also covered with sequins and these are what make it look highly attractive. The dori at the back has embellishments that scream fashion.


Peephole back design for wedding blouse

The peephole design of this blouse at the back would not only help you flaunt your beautiful back but also go well with your saree. The embroidery on this blouse is not only heavy but also quite modern. The blouse is sleeveless and would highlight your arms beautifully.

Extended sleeve back side work blouse design

The sleeves of this blouse have been extended a bit to enhance the looks of the blouse. The bird design on the front of the blouse gives it a unique look. The embossed pearls that have been stitched to the blouse make it look extremely appealing.

This blouse has been covered with sequins completely. The dori that has been attached to the back of this blouse makes the blouse look not only beautiful but also extremely appealing. You could wear this blouse to parties or even on special occasions at home and you would not be disappointed. What’s more, you could simply wear it and flaunt your back with it.


Axe shaped blouse back design

This blouse screams fashion and glamour that is poised. The back of this blouse has been shaped like an axe. The golden brown colour of this blouse would go well with almost any saree. It has been stitched with sequins and embossed designs that would make it look extremely appealing. You could still consider adding more embroidery or designs if you want to enhance the appeal of this blouse. If you are looking for a comfortable blouse that you could wear without a bra, then you should consider getting an extra padding stitched for this blouse.


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